About LearningYourDevelopment

LearningYourDevelopment is a blog for Learning and Development Professionals to come together, to talk about issues that concern them, and to give and receive advice from the learning and development community. There are so many facets to the Learning and Development industry, this blog is a place where people can discuss the changes they are managing, see different parts of the industry that they might be interested in pursuing, and ask for and receive advice.

The idea behind the blog is to help professionals add resources to their tool kits, so that when challenges come their way they can draw upon the experience of others to get through any situation, and move closer to achieving their professional goals.

Victoria Thorn

Victoria Thorn

LearningYourDevelopment is run by Victoria Thorn, a learning and development professional whose interests include making learning more timely and accessible, enhancing the learner experience, and disruptive technology and learning innovation. For more information, or to contact Victoria, you can contact her via Twitter @LearningYourDev or visit her LinkedIn page at http://www.linkedin.com/in/victoriathorn 

2 thoughts on “About LearningYourDevelopment

  1. Hi, Victoria I find your blog very helpful. Is it okay to use some of your infographics and incorporate them into my presentation materials? What’s the best way to acknowledge the source or the author?

    Thanks and regards



  2. Hi Adrian,

    Thank you for the feedback, I’m happy to hear you’ve found the blog useful.

    Absolutely everything I put on here is available for use by whomever needs it. While I have created some of the video content myself, all of the infographics are from other sources which have incorporated their source information into the graphic. As long as you leave the sources on the images and don’t crop them, they appear to be very happy for people to share their work far and wide.

    Warm regards,
    Victoria Thorn


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